The Point of Magic, Part 2

It’s funny. If you look up books on finding success in life, and compare them against detailed instruction manuals about magic, while many aspects tend to be very different, others are virtually identical. To be clear, magical instruction is not identical to “the seven secrets to success.” However, there are remarkable similarities.

First off, you want to set a manageable goal, something that is both daring and achievable. In success manuals, it’s so as to challenge yourself, while still ensuring each step is achievable. In magic, you want to make sure that you aren’t using it frivolously. However, the further the goal is from current reality, the greater the energy investment required. This is actually an extension of the rule that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. If you want to do something “impossible,” you simply have to balance out the energy expenditure, in theory. To use an outlandish yet common example, if you want to fly, you have to provide enough energy investment to balance out the pull of gravity, whether literally powering your body or figuratively compensating for the energy involved. That is A LOT of energy, in this case, and success would require that full investment! You are more likely to have the spell short out, if you will, than to drain your sources in trying. If, however, you set a more manageable goal, like staying safe during a plane ride, far less effort – and energy – is required.

Next, you want to keep it feasible. This is not the same subject, believe it or not. Most self-help books discuss prioritizing your tasks to keep them in line with a long-term goal, and this is relevant. I’m more referring, though, to the part where they ask you to envision the steps involved in accomplishing your goal, though. It’s no problem starting a business. Assembling a business plan worthy of funding, however, one that will turn a profit by the end of year two? That’s the hard part.

The magical equivalent of this concept is called “acting in accord,” and many invaluable books out there detail the import of this step in the Craft. You can divine numbers, drink a luck potion, and have a group ritual to help you win the lottery. But what good is that if you don’t buy a ticket? Or even if you buy one or two? Improving odds that are ten million to one doesn’t necessarily leave you winning.

The best spell for prosperity involves a job application, every time. No good weight loss spell involves ingesting excessive calories. Magic is there to enable your task, not to take the place of your labor. It eases the process, but it does not remove that process. And heaven forbid that it should – who out there hasn’t heard of a prosperity spell resulting in an undesirable inheritance?? I would never want to lose weight by contracting a disease.

Which leads us to our next commonality: Be VERY clear as to what you want. Make a detailed list. Scratch off, erase and correct it. Get it right. Comically, both our sources agree on why you want this, too. 1. The universe will hear you more clearly. And 2. You are more likely to recognize it when you receive it!! If you’ve never been truly happy in your life, regardless of how many times you work, pray, and cast for it, how on earth are you likely to identify it when it does, actually, happen? Ask for a sign, and clearly list what sign you want. Oh, and take notes – I forgot which signs were which, myself. When I cast my own happiness spell, it was based on dandelion wisps. I asked for those to indicate when I got there. I forgot about the actual sign I’d requested, and ended up with a front yard filled wall-to-wall with those weeds!

One last note for today – gratitude is vital. Not only do you invest energy to place the spell. Any success book will remind you to send a thank you after every interview, and remember the names of anyone who ever helped you get there. In this case, that means leaving offerings to your gods, the fey, and the earth itself. But more than that, if you actually get exactly what you’re looking for – say thank you! Be aware of your blessings. Gratitude looks good on you – wear it freely and often, even if you are of the belief you shouldn’t speak of it. Keep in mind, I’m not describing pride. I’m saying you should show the world that it’s made you very happy, and pay it forward if you can. You might be someone else’s miracle.

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