The Point of Magic, part 1

Here’s how I see it – what’s the point in magic if it doesn’t change your life for the better?

The very point behind a spell is that it gives you permission to ask for ANYTHING you like. If you have permission to do that, right out of the gate, then why don’t we all assume that we are supposed to get what we want to out of life, somehow or other? Or at the very least, that we are expected to seek it out?

To clarify, I meet a lot of witches who seem to feel that they should somehow expect their lot in life to suck, often if not terribly. And I’m not totally arguing – many have incurable ailments, terrible job situations, and/or major family issues that constantly pull them down. But it seems like there’s this underlying assumption that for witches, life has a certain level of terrible built in.

But why? Our goddess tells us, “I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is found at the end of Desire.” We believe we can touch the Tree of Life and ask for what we wish – why do we assume that we cannot have it?

It’s not that I think all these issues will go away, and for so many of us challenges are not diminishing, no matter how many mirrors or banishments we might use. But I feel like there is a certain amount of amazing that can still be sought out, and won, to fit each of us in turn.

One witch I knew, who had extensive fibromyalgia and an abusive background (I mentioned those items for a reason) managed to find a solid practice singing in the SCA while pursuing an advanced degree. Another completely turned her life around and began back at school in her mid 30’s, somehow managing to get funding, a house, and a job, in that order! A third had extensive physical issues, no real family support, and was trans – yet managed to get exactly the career he wanted, with long term possibilities galore and no obligations toward any “normal life” crap that he didn’t want. Yet for all three of these good examples, there’s a slew of folks I’ve seen trapped in their “I can’t” habits. There’s no right way to succeed, but if you are willing to see that anything is possible, I’ve seen that it begins to be true.

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