Turns out, you don’t suck

Most people assume that they are not enough. When Christians talk about humans having been made in God’s image, they always include the assumption that we were made inferior. However, most of them assume that we are inferior even to God’s expectations. Pagans somehow seem to struggle with the same, even though our gods have clearly and deliberately set us with challenges in our paths that we cannot easily live up to.

To use the Christian analogy, either god is perfect or God is not. If God is perfect he made everything on purpose, exactly the way S/he intended to. If S/he is imperfect, then humans have somehow gotten out of Her/His control…? We have somehow forced Her/His hand to become something that wasn’t intended…? However, if God is perfect, all of these challenges we face daily are intended to be challenges, things that make us more, different, better – and we were made exactly the way that we were supposed to be, to be challenged.

If a movie had no bad guy, no challenge, nothing wrong – the storyline would be awful. But not only that – the flaws in all of the characters are part of what make each person interesting, unique, and lovable. Writers deliberately include flaws so that each individual is just that – individual.

A hammer works really well to put a nail into something hard. A can opener does not – I’ve tried! And it resulted in some minor injuries! LOL. Likewise, a hammer does not open cans very well, and again, I have tried! Each of us is made to fit into a certain groove. As the Wiccan Rede states, “An it harm none, do as ye will to do in life.” Your will is more than simply a wish or whim. This means to seek your path, to find your place in this world that is Uniquely Yours. It’s a matter of finding out whether you’re a hammer, a can opener, nail trimmers, or even a Lasik laser!

The point is, I personally believe that each of us was made exactly the way we were supposed to be. However, you can use your personal hammer to try to open cans all day and get incredibly frustrated at how much it doesn’t work. Your job is to learn Who You Are, discover what God may have had in mind for you, and, even if you are an atheist, to at least find your unique place in this world. Without seeing a sentient hand running the universe, you can still analyze the inner workings of a computer or a calculator and see how helpful a transistor might be, but know that the exact same thing inside of a bottle of nail polish will do no good.

Today, I ask you to challenge your assumptions. I would like you to try and see who you are, but with the understanding that somebody once made you exactly that way on purpose. Try and see what might make you stupendous, unique, interesting, or at least really funny! Ponder how much you bring value to your world. And if you need help with this, don’t be afraid to ask the people in your world what they think is awesome about you. I’ve tried it myself – it turns out it can be an incredibly rewarding experience!

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