Conscious Action

A lot of pagans toss around the word meditation like we know what it means. I am going to say that that is the single largest struggle I have seen folks dealing with when first getting started in paganism, though. And what’s funny is that there are other ways to meditate, that most folks don’t think of.

In the book Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh, he explains how much one’s awareness can be trained by simply focusing on the things you have to do everyday, anyway. Washing the dishes can be exquisite – how many people pay good money to go to a manicurist and soak their hands for half an hour? And it’s a time set aside just for you, by definition with no distractions. It is a task that has a very clear beginning, middle, and end – and yet most of us struggle with it! Myself included!

When you shovel your walks today, straighten your living rooms for the 15th time today, make your meals, or fold your laundry, let yourself be fully present in that moment. Let the task occupy your full whereness. Allow yourself to shed all of your distractions quietly, simply reminding yourself that this one task color right now, is the most important thing in the world, for you.

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