Breathe me, an original poem

Stare into my eyes
Feel my touch, my words without thought
Arch your back for me
Color your cheeks for me
Breathe me

I’m not aware of you
Because that would mean you’re outside me
I feel you on my skin
I cry you with my breath
I rise to your bait and catch you in my snare
I smile into your depth

Breathe me
I cannot let you go
Because I refused to ever take hold
Yet here you are, inside me
Scared, excited, waiting, I live this moment, unsure of my next
I know it won’t end
But I might

Breathe me
Because without you there is no air
Touch me
Because when you go you take my skin
Help me
Because if I feel anything more right now I might stretch too tight
The beauty is too much combined
It is blinding

Breathe me
So that I can breathe

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